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Bill Scheer's home arrest relaxed

June 5, 2003

Albany -- Bill Scheer will be allowed to leave his home during daylight hours, but must still wear an electronic monitor at all times. Two weeks after a mistrial in the murder case against the Albany teacher, the D.A. says he will decide next week if he will re-try Scheer.

 A Macon jury could not reach a verdict in Scheer's murder case. He is charged with beating his father to death in 1990.

Judge Stephen Goss said Scheer can leave his home from 7:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon, so that he can return to work. Scheer must continue to wear an electronic monitor, he can not drive a car, and he can not leave Dougherty County without permission.

 Scheer's attorney Pete Donaldson said "I think the evidence in this case gives a pretty strong indication that Bill Scheer is not guilty of anything. Under those circumstances why should he be punished by having to sit in his house for at least 3 more months."

But Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said "It's a serious crime, and they are still pending. He is charged with murder. That's the most serious crime that we have in the state. There are witnesses that live in the neighborhood, and I don't want him to access to them."

 Hodges said he will interview jurors from last month's trial Friday, then make his decision about a retrial.

Judge Goss said if there is a retrial of Bill Scheer, it would likely start September 8th, probably again in Macon.

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