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Bainbridge man found dead

June 5, 2003

Bainbridge-- At first, investigators thought his death was an accident, now they say he was killed.

This Bainbridge neighborhood is now quiet, but on Monday it was a different story. "As we heard the sirens we could tell they were getting closer," said the victim's neighbor, James Weatherford.

Police stopped at James Weatherford's next door neighbor's house at the corner of Hall and Pine Street. "He was a real good neighbor, anytime I needed to borrow a tool, he was always willing to loan me tools."

Inside, 72-year-old Karey Brock was found dead by his own brother. "I asked a few neighbors who were crowded up if they knew what was going on, and they said they found Mr. Brock's body in his bathroom in a puddle of blood," Weatherford said.

Investigators say Brock died of blunt force trauma to his head and chest. But, he also had internal injuries from stab wounds. "It kind of shook me up, because I don't think anybody in this neighborhood would have a reason to hurt the old man."

The time of death was sometime Saturday evening. Brock wasn't found until Monday. "He read me my Miranda rights and questioned me, and did the same with my wife," Weatherford says.

Investigators searched their house, but didn't give them a reason. "I willingly let Bainbridge Public Safety Department to search my home without causing them to have to get a warrant or anything, because I have nothing to hide," said Weatherford.

Investigators would not tell us why they searched Weatherford's home, but did say they searched several other homes in the neighborhood. They have not made any arrests. Investigators are continuing to question possible suspects and witnesses. No weapons have been found.

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