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To keep power, customers must pay up

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Albany Water, Gas, and Light cutoffs continue for people who failed to pay their bills.  1700 customers have been cut off in the last four days. 

If you've been cut off, there is a possibility you can get cut back on after hours, but your account has to be in good standing.  Even though Water, Gas and Light closes at 5:00, you can pay through Western Union. 

It's done as a courtesy for customers who have a good record with WG&L.  In order to have a chance of getting your power back on, you must pay by 7 PM and then call Water, Gas and Light at 883-8330 and ask to be reconnected. 

You have to pay no later than seven, and if technicians are overwhelmed with people making late payments, there's still a chance your power won't be cut until the next day.

Lorie Farkas said, "We only take them up until seven o'clock at night, so we're through 8 o'clock at night, we're not going out at night.  We've all learned Albany's become not a real safe place at night, so for years now we've tried not to go back out after seven o'clock at night, so seven is our cut off time."

Your best bet at getting your power cut back on is to pay your bill during regular business hours.You must pay your bill in full to have your power restored.

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