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Five German Shepherd puppies poisoned to death

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By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

DECATUR COUNTY, GA (WALB) –A Decatur County dog breeder says five of his pure-breed German Shepherds were fatally poisoned.

Victor Strickland's dog starting barking early Saturday morning. When he went to check on them he saw someone running through the trees.

Then Sunday, when he checked on his dogs, he found five of his puppies dead.

An investigation revealed the pups had been given rat poison. Now the search is on for whoever did it.

Victor Strickland's 11-week old German Shepherd puppies were inside this pen when someone fed them rat poison.

"To have someone come up and basically murder them in a horrible way, especially puppies, what are they going to do to you? It's a cowardly act and it's absurd," says an upset Strickland. "My wife is extremely frustrated by it and my kids are completely devastated by it. We don't just breed our dogs. These are part of our family. We love our animals. We really do."

Strickland says he built this pen to keep his dogs from becoming a nuisance to neighbors. But now he says his priority is upgrading security to make sure these dogs are safe.

"It's not going to happen again without some evidence. I'm putting in cameras and extra lighting to take care of the darker areas."

He says it's not the first time a dog has been killed in the neighborhood. Now people are beginning to worry for their safety.

"It really woke a bunch of folks up and they're really starting to pay attention. Why else would they be killing off all of the dogs if not to be able to get in our houses and make sure there's no one there to alert us," explains Strickland, a former Decatur County Sheriff's investigator. "People that purposely go out and hurt animals or fight dogs, it makes you wonder what kind of people they are. If they can sit and watch an animal die a horrible painful death, what would they do to us?"

But he's hoping by speaking out, this will be the first and only time his dogs are attacked.

"It would mean a lot to me and my family that this not happen again."

So he's hoping others will speak out if they know anything about his dogs' poisoning.

The Stricklands are treating the rest of their dogs with Vitamin K to protect against any rat poison they may have eaten.

They urge anyone with information about this case to contact the Decatur County Sheriff's Office at 248-3044 immediately.

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