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Third time's a charm?

June 4, 2003

Homerville-- It shouldn't surprise anyone that Clinch County has a good baseball team, right? I mean after all they do play in the town of Homerville. "That kind of helps us out I guess," senior Adam Tolle said.

"Well, yeah that is true. We have been known to be good in all sports. (There's) Not a whole lot to do here, we don't have a movie theatre here, we've got one red light," Clinch County head coach Cecil Barber said.

This Friday the Panthers will be five hours from their one stop light town as they travel to Bremen for the single-A state championship. It will be the first time the Panthers have played a playoff game this year away from Homerville.

"It would be sweet to go up there to their home field and beat them, I mean that would just be sweeter than winning it here," senior pitcher Rick Corbitt said. "It makes it a little more difficult, but that's what champions have to do sometimes," Barber added.

The last time the Panthers won a state title in baseball was back in 1992, but odly enough it was in 1989 that Clinch County did something that no other school in the GHSA has ever done, and that is win a triple crown with titles in football, boys basketball and baseball.

 The team they beat for that state championship back in 1989 was none other than Bremen. "Then they came back down here in 1990 and we played for it and they beat us so we've won one at their place and they've won one at our place," Barber said.

So Friday will be the rubber match between the two schools and for Clinch County there might not be a triple crown at stake, but they're at least hoping for two out of three after winning the single-A football title in December.

"That's special, not a lot of people get to do that. Very few, it's very rare," Tolle said.

The Clinch County Panthers and Bremen Blue Devils will meet for the single-A championship series Friday afternoon at 4:00 in Bremen.  If the two teams split the doubleheader, the final game of the series will be Saturday at 1pm.

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