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Firefighters get new rescue truck

June 4, 2003

Camilla - Some southwest Georgia firefighters have proved it doesn't take much money to save lives. Camilla firefighters have used their own hands and items around the office to make a rescue truck. They also have a fire fighting truck in the works.

Camilla's first rescue truck was donated by a local company, but firefighters had to make major changes. Firefighter, Bill Marshall, says, "We've been working on it for two months, putting the lights, the sirens, the radios and putting the equipment on it."

They call it "Turtle". It was put together using donations and leftover parts. He explains, "Everything else was found in the shed and I put it together."

Camilla is known for emergencies like deadly tornadoes. Mr. Marshall says, "We would have been able to get a vehicle closer to a lot of the places we need to get to because of its size."

Don't let it's small size fool you. Inside you can find jaws of life, a defibrillator and numerous medical supplies. Marshall adds, "It's more of an immediate access because back with the tornadoes what we had was what we could carry."

An ambulance that was donated from Florida will be turned into something never before seen in Camilla. Camilla Firefighters are sanding it down, eventually it will help them fight brush fires. Marshall says, "Once we get this truck done we can get water to the fire that's off the roadway."

These firefighters are on the move with an extra opportunity to help those in need and a few more on the way. Camilla firefighters are expected to get another vehicle donated to turn into another brush fire truck. They are also working on getting a training facility.

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