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South Georgia students learn cooking skills

June 4, 2003

Nine year old Brett Ellis is learning the ins and outs of cooking. "I've learned a lot of recipes and hope my mom will let me cook when I get home," said Ellis.

He's a student in the kids in the kitchen program, where nine to 13 year olds are transformed into accomplished chefs. "I try to teach them simple recipes that they can really remember and put to use when they get home," said Elizabeth Raque, Teacher.

They're filling their recipe books with tasty dishes. "We've learned to make cheese garlic biscuits, cookies, donuts, chex mix, pizzas," said Jessica Boyd.

Not only are these kids learning how to cook, they're also learning the basics of kitchen safety. "If you have a fire from oil, you should never put water on it," said Jessica Boyd.

After all that hard work comes the best part of the class, when they get to taste test their products. "So far everything they've cooked has been delicious and I'm really proud of them," said Raque.

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