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Who's the right person for the Leesburg City Council?

This November, Georgians will elect state legislators and a Governor. But a local race is receiving plenty of attention, too.

Two newcomers hope to fill the Leesburg City Council Seat.  Both candidates come from conservative backgrounds. Rhonda Futch was born and raised in Leesburg,and wants to bring new business to the city.

And Jeff Sexton has been in the city for one year, and recently been recognized by the state house of representatives.

Rhonda Futch is a business owner who loves kids. "I've always been involved with kids and been an advocate for kids," she said. 

Jeff Sexton believes in government being responsible and open to its citizens. "I believe the citizens should know what their government is doing with out having to come to the meeting,"he said. 

Both are running in the Leesburg Special Election for City Hall. "I'd love to see us get more active and have more recreation for kids. I'm a business owner, and want to bring more businesses to Leesburg," said Futch. 

"I've been active in politic's for a year and a half. The entire time stressing the publics right to know what's going on," he said. Sexton feels like he's accomplished a lot in a year. "In that year, I've actually been recognized by The State House of Representatives for my work in open government," he said. 

With such a low-paying elected office, what are the benefits to the job? "Why run? Because I love Leesburg. I grew up here, It's time for the youth to get in here that have been here," said Futch. 

Both candidates have different ideas, but they do agree on some things. "They shouldn't have to sacrifice going to their son's basketball game to come to a meeting," said Sexton.

"We need to have that stuff accessible. Have a city calendar, and have things like that, so our residents know what's going on." said Futch. 

It's left up to Leesburg Voters to decide who the right person for the job is. They don't agree on where the video taped meetings should be aired.

Rhonda believes the taping of the meetings is great, but should not be put on sites like You Tube. 

 Jeff says that information would not be out there, if he had not decided to video tape it. 

 Early Voting starts Today at the T. Paige Tharp Governmental building. It ends September 17th, 2010. On election day Tuesday September 21st citizens can vote at the Leesburg Fire-Station.

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