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"Rain" the Great Dane Euthanized

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) –New details tonight on a Great Dane in Worth County who was seized after biting a woman. In spite of the owners' effort to get her dog back, animal control workers put it to sleep.

WALB News 10's Stephanie Springer had to break the news to the dog's owner today.

Jo Ann Thompson was in disbelief when I told her the news and she is still holding out hope that her Great Dane, "Rain" is still alive today.

Rain bit an off duty Poulan police officer back in May, but animal control officers say Miss Thompson was given ample opportunities, but on Friday afternoon unfortunately those opportunities ran out.

Jo Ann Thompson is holding out hope that her Great Dane, Rain, is still alive. Thompson, claims Monday she heard her dog barking from inside this animal control facility. " I whistled and I called her, I know my dog, I heard her," said Thompson.

But animal control officer Marilynn Mims says the dog has already been put down. Mims says the decision to put Rain down stems from an incident that happened in May, when Rain bit and off duty Poulan police officer.

"When she stood up like this she leaped and grabbed my friend and Rain looked at it as a threat," said Thompson.

After the incident, Mims says she sent Thompson a certified letter stating the dog would now be declared vicious and potentially dangerous according to state and county ordinances . "This dog would have to go into a secure location with top bottom and sides on it so this dog couldn't get out again," said Mims.

Mims says she told Thompson her garage would do. "The garage was great location, however this dog was not kept in this location she was turned out in the back yard the day before I picked her up and the day I picked her up," said Mims.

But Thompson says the people renting her house let the dog out to go to the bathroom. "They had a small emergency come up so they left and forgot to put my dog back up," said Thompson.

Thursday, Mims went and picked up Rain. She told Thompson Rain needs to be put in a pin and she had until the following Tuesday at noon to do so. "Why do I have to build a pin, if I already have a garage and you already told me the garage was suitable," said Thompson.

"Her deadline was Tuesday August 24th at 12:00pm and she called me August 24th at 11:44pm and told me she did not have enough money for a pin," said Mims.

Mims says she even gave Thompson four extra hours to finish building the pin but she failed to do so.

According to incoming and outgoing records obtained today via open records request, Rain was put down Friday afternoon.

Mims says anytime you have a dog, big or small, there is a possibility that dog will bite. As the owner you have to take up the cost and responsibility for this happening.

Rain's owner tells me that Rain was a gentle giant and she was not vicious at all.

Make sure your dog is up to date with rabies vaccinations and even though Worth county does not have a leash law they do have something called "Running at Large" which says your pet must be maintained on your property at all times.

Sunday, an 11 month boy was bitten on the face by the family's Lab.

The child was transferred to a Macon hospital and released. The dog was seized by animal control workers.

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