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2010 summer hottest in over a century

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  It's not over yet, but this summer could end up being one of the hottest on record. This month is now the second hottest August in Albany since 1900.  Of course, you don't need the record books to explain what you can feel and see all around you.

This summer has been brutal for people, pets, power bills, and plants. At ABC plant nursery, they've been running irrigation systems practically non-stop to help the plants that have been seeking some relief from the heat.

At ABC Nursery, they've been following the ABC's of keeping plants in tip-top shape, which has required lots of H2O. 

"Well, the biggest impact is we have to water, we have to water, we have to water," said Greg Daniell of ABC Plant Nursery.

And even with lots of water, plants that sit in the blistering sun all day, take a beating.  "It sort of stifles them and they don't grow very much when we have heat indexes in the 110 range and temps about 100 and it just sort of slows our growth rate for the summer,"  said County Extension Agent James Morgan.

And it's not just the plants they have to watch out for here. Workers are also at risk for heat related problems.  "Take frequent breaks, drink a lot of water, some days we would quit early because of the excessive amount of heat," said Daniell.

So excessive that even drought and heat tolerant plants like grass haven't made it through unscathed.  "Even grass has died."

So too have crops and established plants that otherwise would have made it through the summer.  "But without the water, the crops are going to suffer." Right along with the rest of us.

The good news, fall isn't too far away. If you have any plans of planting, that may be the best time when temperatures have cooled off slightly and the sun isn't so brutal. 

Greg Daniell says that ideal planting conditions are when lows are in the upper 60's and highs top out in the 80's.

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