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City may hire tree expert

June 3, 2003

Albany-- Albany's trees will suffer if the city doesn't get professional help. Today, the Albany Tree Board asked city commissioners to include money to hire an urban arborist in next year's budget.

An arborist exams the health of the trees and provides expertise about planting new trees.

Dr. Kay Kirkman of the Tree Board says old trees around town are not only unsightly, but also dangerous. "We have trees that are rotting. If a large branch fell, it could seriously injury someone or damage property," said Dr. Kirkman.

"The city is also building the River Center and needs someone who can help the tree around that area thrive."

The Georgia Forestry Commission tentatively agreed to fund half of the arborist approximately $40,000 salary.

City commissioners said they may pay a quarter, if the county commission promised to do the same.

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