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Teens arrested after short, dangerous crime spree


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) –Two teenagers are in jail Wednesday after a short but dangerous crime spree.

Authorities in Thomas County say the 17-year olds shot at security guards as they stole vehicles from businesses.

Now, workers at one of the businesses are speaking out about the problem of teen crime in Thomas County.

The Balfour Lumber company in Thomasville has seen its fair share of vandalism and petty thefts. But never anything like this.

"It was really scary," says Charles Griffin, a supervisor at Balfour Lumber. "David was really scared."

That's because police say two teenagers, Tyre Turner and Raheme Brinson, stole employee David Johnson's truck.

"He had just been paid the day before," Griffin explains. "He bought some school clothes for his son, some shoes, had a lot of tools in there."

Johnson parked his truck just twenty feet outside his office. But his co-workers say he made a mistake that made it very easy for the thieves.

"He had left his keys in his truck," Griffin admits. "He heard something and ran out the door and his truck was driving off. They'd taken the tag and all the paperwork, insurance cards and everything out. Just completely emptied his truck out."

Johnson and a couple security guards chased the boys but one of them turned and fired a gun.

"He did a foolish thing by chasing them he realized. He should have just let them go and call the police. He didn't know they had a gun and said he'd never do that again."

Authorities recovered the vehicle in less than an hour. They took fingerprints and ended up arresting both Turner and Brinson, who are charged with theft by taking a motor vehicle, felony theft by taking for a missing toolbox, and two counts of aggravated assault.

But co-workers say Johnson is still paranoid.

"He said the next night he was working he'd have to go outside and inventory lumber he was going to do a few packs, then turn and look around. He was upset and scared. It's scary because this young generation, they're not afraid to hurt you anymore."

But luckily, no one was hurt this time.

Tyre Turner is charged with an additional count of theft by taking a motor vehicle because police say he also stole a vehicle from a business in Coolidge.

Turner and Brinson remain in the Thomas County jail.

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