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Big sale with low prices for kids this week

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Many of us are trying to cut our spending these days.   That means looking for better deals on things we have to buy, such as clothes.   There's a major consignment sale going on this week in Albany where parents are buying quality items for their kids at good prices.

It's a sale that's held just twice a year, by parents, for parents.  You can get rid of outgrown children's clothing and toys and buy gently used items.  Some parents break even at the sale, an added bonus when money can be hard to come by.

Tara Bass just welcomed a sweet little baby boy to this world.  On Wednesday, we caught her picking up some newborn clothing for five week old Asa at a sweet price.

She said, "You're getting good quality merchandise for a fraction of the price, so it's awesome."

Bass first heard about the sale several years ago.  She started shopping then for her little girl.  Now she sells clothing her daughter has outgrown, and gets new items for both of her children. 

She said, "It's kind of a trade-off for me.  I sell her clothes and then I can use that money to turn around and buy for the next season, so it just makes sense for us."And it especially makes sense for people on tight budgets.

Co-Owner Renee Jewell said, "If you have $100 to spend for kids clothes, you sell $100, you buy $100 and you didn't have to find that $100 in the budget, so it's a great way to find money when you don't have money."

And a great way to hold on to more of your money when you go shopping.  "It's a great idea," said Katie Solucci.  "It saves lots and lots of money."

Bass says she'll continue to shop at the twice a year sale and would encourage others to do the same.  "Well, for one thing," she said, "the savings, I mean with this economy right now, it keeps money in your pocket and you have to clothe your kids.  I don't understand why you would pay full price when you can get the same quality for cheaper."

But if you want the good deals, time is running out. The sale only runs through Saturday.

Many of the clothing items, at least the ones I saw when shopping in the newborn section, were just one or two dollars, and look brand new, and get this, many of the items get marked down to half price for the sale on Friday and Saturday.    

The sale is taking place in the old Panhandle pet supply location in Market Square plaza on Dawson Road.  For more information, click here.

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