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Lee Countian lands TV spot

^Rob Campos ^Rob Campos
^Tracy on set ^Tracy on set

June 2, 2003

Atlanta-- If you get bored with summer re-runs, new reality shows may keep your nights fresh.

One beginning tonight on NBC may hold your attention more than the others. It stars a woman who grew up in Lee County.

To many, Tracy Wranesh has it made. She's 28, works in a downtown Atlanta design firm and "I'm 100 percent single!" says Tracy.

So when the producers of the show "For Love or Money" chose her as a contestant, she jumped at the chance.

"Ya know, It got dropped in my lap, so why not take advantage of it and see where it takes me," said Tracy.

 With 14 other women from around the country, Tracy headed to California. "I'm telling you it was just like a sorority." The women tried to win the affection of Rob Campos, a 33-year-old defense attorney from Dallas.

"Something I've been longing for my whole life is to find someone I can spend the rest of my life with," says Rob.

And some of these women had their eye on the altar. "There were girls in it for different reasons. I'll put it this way, a husband was one of those reasons." But they soon learned there was more at stake than the key to his heart.

Whomever he chooses, wins a million dollars. "It was a shock," said Tracy. But you can't have everything. The winner has to pick the man or the money. After they told her about the money, was there scheming going on? "Oh, my God!" exclaimed Tracy.

And was there anything that happened, if they show it, that might be embarrassing? "Yes! You never know how it's going to be portrayed."

And the million dollar question. What would she choose? “I can't tell you that, because I was put in that position." Bound by a contract, Tracy's keeping the good stuff secret.

"Even if I wasn't on the show, I would watch. There's so many twist and turns." For the next five weeks, we'll be watching to see if Tracy gets to choose between "Love or Money."

You can watch Tracy in the special two-hour premiere of "For Love or Money " which airs tonight at nine right here on NBC.

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