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South Madison murder

June 2, 2003

Albany -- A 25-year-old Albany man is gunned down early Monday morning as he tries to escape from a pair of masked gunmen. This murder is strikingly similar to another unsolved murder in Albany last year.

25-year-old Marcus Brown was shot and killed about 1:00 Monday morning in this parking lot of the Strawder Fox Apartments on South Madison Street.

Investigators say Brown and four other men were in this apartment playing cards, when two masked gunmen burst in. The five men were ordered to lie on the floor, and robbed. Then the two gunmen ran out. Sgt. Keithen Hall said "The victim, deceased, left the apartment right after the robbery. From that point he made contact with the robbers outside, shots were fired, and he was hit."

Brown, who went to Westover High School and was working construction jobs, was shot once in the left side. He staggered to the Apartment office to call for help. His cousin Latasha Cooper talked with him as they waited for the ambulance. "He was loved by many. Everyone knew him. No on can believe he's dead. I keep thinking I'm fixing to go to the hospital to see him. However, he's dead."

Investigators are looking for two black men. Both dressed in black, wearing black masks. This case is very similar to a home invasion robbery December 8, 2002. Three men wearing masks broke into an apartment on West Road at 2:00 AM, and robbed several men playing cards.

Travis Harris was shot and killed running from the robbers. Sgt. Hall said "We are looking at, due to the fact of the same similarities, that it might possibly, it might not, but we are looking at it like it is."

No arrests have been made in the Harris murder case. Marcus Brown was well known in Albany, and had the nickname "Do Do."

No one has been charged in Monday morning's murder. If you have any information, call the Albany Police Department.

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