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Man robs store, steals owner's car

By Cade Fowler - bio | email

MITCHELL COUNTY, GA (WALB) –   Hard times lead to desperate action in Mitchell County.

Sheriff's investigators there are still looking for a man who held up a store Tuesday afternoon.

That robber told the owner of Country Crossing he needed money to take care of his family.

It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon and the lunch crowd had dwindled. All was quiet at the store near the Mitchell-Colquitt county line on Highway 112.

"I was bagging ice behind that wall there," said store owner Richard Wallace.

He didn't think much about the lone customer in the store who asked if he could use the restroom.

"He walked in like he had a nose bleed with a bandana over his face, but then he dropped it and asked me where the bathroom was and I got full description of his face," said Wallace.

But the man wasn't looking for the bathroom. Allison Wallace was at the register when he walked up to the counter.

"He asked very nonchalantly had I ever been robbed. I told him no, and he told me he needed all the money that we had," she said.

Wearing a flannel coat, sunglasses, and cap - the robber told her he had a gun - but he wouldn't pull it if she cooperated. She did, but what happened next caught her and her husband by surprise.

"I came around the corner with some ice and she said that guy just robbed us. I looked out the door and he was getting in our car and tearing off," said Richard.

In a stolen Ford Expedition, the robber took off down Highway 93. Wallace didn't want him to get away and gave chase.

"When I got on 93, I went toward Baconton and he took an immediate left at the Lester Community Center and ditched our car and got in another car, I guess," he said.

Wallace got the Expedition back, but the robber was long gone.

Deputies got to the store within minutes and dusted for prints and searched the roads looking for any sign of him.

It's the first time this country store has been robbed.

Wallace, who normally has a gun with him at the store, said "It's going to change the security a lot."

The robber is white, about 5'5, 160 pounds with sandy blonde hair. He wore a thick flannel coat.

If you have any helpful information, you should call the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office at 336-2030.

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