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Convicted felon now facing drug charges in Phoebe Sumter shooting


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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Sumter County investigators say it was a convicted felon's attempt to avoid jail that prompted her to open fire in Phoebe Sumter Hospital's parking lot Monday.

April Arrington of Vienna shot herself in the head. She wasn't seriously injured and Tuesday was in jail rather than the hospital. After the gunfire ended, investigators found a garbage bag full of pill bottle and prescription drug pads in the stolen SUV Arrington was driving. Now she and her boyfriend 48 year old Russell Bright are facing prescription drug fraud charges. @

Investigators have been pouring over the contents of this SUV stolen at least three months ago from April Arrington's ex boyfriend who says she's been promising to bring it back. Inside, investigators found a garbage bag full of prescription bottles, some with pills and doctor's pads.

"We've got a lot of prescription pads, a lot of prescription vials and pills with different names and stuff. Each one of these individuals has to be checked out to see if they are who they say they are," said Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith.

Also inside the SUV, 5 spent shell casings from a Colt 45. GBI agents say no law enforcement officer fired during the incident in the hospital parking lot.

"We know that multiple shots were fired inside the vehicle. There's not indication at this time that law enforcement fired any rounds," said GBI-Americus Special Agent in Charge Trebor Randle.

Thirty-three year old April Arrington, who also goes by April Edwards, has her head bandaged in her mug shot, the wound superficial from her gun. She told investigators she was sorry for the trouble but wouldn't go back to jail.

"She's a convicted felon she has numerous charges on her on other agencies in other counties," said Smith.

Now investigators want to know how two convicted felons, who appear to be girlfriend and boyfriend, obtained a gun and the prescription drugs.

"That's one of the things you have to look for when you're doing these investigations. A lot of times the things you find in a vehicle tell you something and leads you somewhere it's kind of like a puzzle and you put the pieces of the puzzle together," said Smith.

Sheriff Pete Smith didn't want to elaborate but said several other items found in the stolen SUV have raised real concerns that could prompt other state officials to get involved in this investigation.

Right now Arrington is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Both Arrington and Bright are charged with intent to obtain a controlled substance by fraud and possession of cocaine. The District Attorney may file additional charges.

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