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College textbooks are expensive

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –The cost of college tuition is rising every year. The average student spent more than $1,000  on books in the 2009-10 school year. However, there are several options for students to save money when buying books.

When buying books for college, most campus book stores have options. You can either buy new or used. Now the E-Text Book is available, meaning you can download the whole book or certain chapters.

College books can be pretty expensive. "I end up spending like $300 or 400 on four books," said college student Shaniqua Cannon.

"I spent $300 or $400, maybe just getting the core textbooks I needed,"  said college student Kyle Cannon.  The ASU bookstore has just started the Rent-A-Book program.

"So far the Rent-A-Book has been successful, because students are excited they get to use it or high light in it and return it," said Manager Tara Johnson.  Some students are finding more options online.

"When it comes to buying books, it's cheaper online than to buy at the school," said McGill. 

"I think it's crazy, but I'm glad they have the rental thing going on, because most books are expensive," said McGill. When you compare the savings for online versus a campus bookstore, you might be surprised.

"A book at the bookstore under my major is like $200. And I can get it online for like $50," said  student Carmen Parker. The choice means easy access or extra cash in your pocket.

"I'm just now doing the online thing, because I was more for easy access than saving money," said Parker. Think of buying those expensive books as an investment in your future.

McGraw-Hill started four of it's biggest selling textbooks in E-text form for the I-pad. Not only are digital textbooks easy to carry. They also offer great learning features and easy to use search functions.

Financial experts also suggest, sharing books with classmates or buying online will maximize your savings when purchasing text books.

If you're looking for websites to find cheap textbooks try,, , or

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