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A new hair cut and some counseling

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –About eighty percent of Americans are stressed about their finances according to the American Psychological Association. Depending on where you go, they are always people saying, 'I'm really stressed out.'"

Psychologists can be pretty expensive, so why not talk to your barber or stylist? Different hair stylists told me the atmosphere is what makes people so comfortable.

Stylists know they are not licensed psychiatrists, but everybody needs someone to talk to. With a shampoo, some grease, and a hair line, salons will make you look like a million bucks.

"They come in, one they want to look pretty. Secondly they want a change," said Stylist W.C. Webb. During a hair cut most of the time, clients begin to open up.

"Well, in this field people automatically talk to you. Because they spend so much time with their stylist," said Stylist Sunshine Jones. 

"When somebody feels good, more comfortable with you, they don't mind spilling their hearts out," said Webb. These hair dressers have heard it all.

 "Their families, jobs, business, everything" said Jones.

"Divorces, wife is running around. Husband running around. They feel comfortable sharing that with me," said Webb. 

"It's the conversation and the atmosphere," said Barber Duke Johnson. But what is it about a barbershop or hair salon that makes people so comfortable.?

"The atmosphere and the environment sets the mood for everything," said Johnson.

"If they feel confident in you as in individual, then people are a lot more relaxed. It makes them comfortable," said Webb. Now hairdressers know they're not licensed counselors. But everyone needs to blow off steam.

"Even though your are not licensed to be a psychiatrist, it's best to just listen to your client," said Johnson.  But it's more than just a job.

"It's not just a business. It's a relationship, we have a relationship," said Johnson.

"Everybody that looks in their pocket books and puts me on their grocery list. I really appreciate that too," said Webb. They share a special give-and-take relationship.

Hair salons have been a little slower during the recession. The good news is, they're starting to pick up again.

Americans spent an estimated 23 Billion dollars on haircuts last year. 10.4 million just on hair coloring in salons.

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