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Shocking sign has Valdosta residents worried

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –A couple of shocking signs outside a Valdosta boarding house have some parents worried.

A sex offender lives in the house that's not far away from a school.

Law enforcers say the man isn't breaking the law and school leaders say students are safe.

This sign may appear to invite sex offenders to stay at this boarding house on East Hill Avenue in Valdosta. But homeowner Tim Winters says he just wants to warn the community that a sex offender lives here.

"There going to stay here until the parents are notified," said Tim Winters.

The boarding house is down the street from the Eastside Learning Institute on Fry Street. School owner Bishop Wade McCrae says he can't control who lives in the area but he does work to make sure children are safe. He asked Winters to take down the signs. They disappeared for a couple of weeks, but now they're back up.

If you drive by this house on Hill Avenue you can't help but notice this sign that reads "Attention: all sex offenders approval..."

"He's trying to make it seem like it's just for sex offenders and that's not the case he has some disabled veterans there, a couple homeless guys," said McCrae.

 Winters says six people live in the home including 46-year old Tony Edmond.

Here he is riding a bike outside of the home.

Edmond was convicted of child molestation in 2000. Under Georgia's revised sex offender law, he can legally live at this boarding house, and he is properly registered.

"I rather know who's living next to me around the kids versus not knowing so and you have to teach your kids and train them on what they should do and they should be aware of," said Tanquer Dyers, a parent.

The school has a security system that prevents anyone from getting past the foyer without a code. McCrae says they have good student/teacher ratio and he wants parents to know the students are safe under the watchful eye of his staff.

The Sheriff's Office checks on sex offenders each month to verify they are living where they are registered.

They have had no problems with the man registered at that boarding house.

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