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Chicken acts human

May 30, 2003

Ochlockonee - We've all heard unusual pet stories, but have you ever heard of a chicken cutting the grass? A southwest Georgia fowl has taken a liking to mowing the grass.

This chick has the hots for Fred Cooper. He says, "As a matter of fact, she's the only chick my wife lets me run around with." For a very good reason, t he chicken's name is Uno.  Mr. Cooper explains, "Uno was the first hatched chick on this place."

The feathery friend is now a few years old, that's in human years. He laughs, "She tries to act like a chicken."

Uno was born in Cooper's hand, creating an instant chicken to human bond. He explains, "I was checking one day and saw an egg that had a hole in it, just before chunking it in the woods, I heard a little peeping sound." Out came Uno. As a small chick she followed Cooper around by foot, or should I say, chicken feet. In order to keep up, she started riding the lawnmower. Cooper says, "I guess she was catching grasshoppers behind the lawnmower, I put her on and she sat there and enjoyed the ride."

Uno was raised inside Cooper's Ochlockonee home until she was old enough to fly. Cooper says, "You couldn't train a chicken to do that."

She now has a new home with the roosters, but still spies on her "real" family. Cooper explains, "She'll come on the porch and look through the glass door sometimes at night."

Every once in a while, Cooper's number two chick, named Uno, get's special attention by taking a lawnmower ride.

Cooper is not a farmer, he's a sales man and corporate pilot. The family decided a few years ago to get some chickens.

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