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State patrol investigates trooper tasing

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) –The Georgia State Patrol has launched an internal investigation into the tasing of a trooper. Rookie trooper Clyde Anthony was tased and arrested after refusing to obey a Coffee County deputies' orders.

Trooper Clyde Anthony just graduated from Trooper school in February and now works as a trooper at the Waycross Post. But when he pulled up near the scene of a major party in Douglas, Coffee County authorities say he acted aggressively, used obscene language and even pushed a deputy. However, officers say Anthony failed to identify himself as a trooper to officers until after he was tased.

Trooper Clyde Anthony makes his living enforcing laws with the Georgia State Patrol. But on August 7th authorities say Anthony broke the law.

"I've never seen this happen in the 15 years, an off duty officer much less a state officer would pull up on a chaotic scene like that and contribute to the problem instead of saying I am a Georgia State Patrol Officer anything I can do to help," said Major Scott Harper with the Coffee County Sheriff's Office.

It all started when Douglas Police were called to a party on Evergreen Avenue. "They called for back up because there were over 200 individuals with several fights so several deputies and two troopers responded," said Harper.

Once officers got there, neighbors say they stopped cars from going down the street. "He was going to his grandma's house," said neighbor Betty Smith.

Officers say Anthony pulled in an unmarked car wearing a T-shirt and shorts but when a deputy shined a flashlight inside his vehicle, Anthony got upset. "He yelled a profanity at the deputy and said get that flashlight out of my face," said Harper.

After the deputy asked Anthony to step out of his car, he refused to cooperate."At that point in time the individual pushed the deputy and as he pushed the deputy another officer who had his taser deployed his taser," said Harper.

And it wasn't until after he was tased, did Anthony identify who he was. "As soon as the deputy turned off his taser he looked up at the deputy and identified himself as Clyde Anthony with the Georgia State Patrol," said Harper.

Today we stopped by the house neighbors say Anthony lived but no one came to the door for any comment.

Coffee County authorities say their investigation reveals their deputy who deployed the taser did nothing wrong.

Deputies say Anthony was taken to the Coffee county jail and written a citation for disorderly conduct and released.

Officials with the Georgia State Patrol say he is still working his normal shift.

A Douglas police car camera caught part of the confrontation on video and it's now in the hands of the state patrol for review.

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