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South Georgia law enforcers track down marijuana

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BERRIEN COUNTY, GA (WALB) –It's peak pot season, and state and local law enforcers are teaming up to track down marijuana growers.

The Governor's Drug Task Force and south Georgia agencies are in the air looking for marijuana fields.

They've discovered pot plants in chicken houses, woods and fields.

They found 265 plants in Atkinson County Tuesday and searched Berrien County Wednesday.

Helicopters take off in search for pot plants in Berrien County. Sheriff Anthony Heath has a warning for the growers.

"We're trying to let the citizens in this county know we're being proactive and let the criminals know we're not going to hold back anything," said Heath.

The last search with the Governor's Drug Task Force in Berrien was back in May. About 170 plants turned up near the Lanier County border. The growing season for marijuana is about five months during the warm parts of the year.

"It's the time the growers will go out and crop the buds and in turn that's what they're going to sell," said Investigator Mike Register with Berrien County authorities.

Now the plants are at their peak.

Authorities pin point the locations where they think marijuana might be then helicopters fly searching for those spots.

Eighteen locations have been mapped out.

When the pilots see the pot, they call the ground officer. From there, they'll go to the pot, uproot it and later burn it.

The Governor's Drug Task Force has been searching several south Georgia counties this week. Tuesday in Atkinson County the search turned up 265 plants. This is video from the helicopter.

No marijuana plants were found in Berrien County Wednesday, but authorities promise to keep searching.

Berrien County authorities say they call on the Governor's Drug task force twice a year to help them with these searches.

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