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High school football head injury rules change

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By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –New rules this year mean high school football players who suffer concussions or related symptoms will be treated differently.

It's part of changes by the National Federation of High Schools. There's new language that lays out explicit procedures on dealing with the injuries.

There will also be new guidelines by officials, who have the authority to send a player who displays any type of concussion symptoms out of the game.

Some high schools say they already follow strict guidelines when it comes to head injuries.

"Our rule is they are out of competition for at least a week until they are what we call asymptomatic, where they have no symptoms of headache nausea loss of stability that kind of stuff," said Henry Rivers, Director of Sports Medicine at Dougherty County Schools.

Under the old rules, referees had to either suspect or observe the contact that may caused a concussion.

Two medical studies on high school athletics reported that only 3.2 percent of all concussed athletes lost consciousness during the 2009 football season.

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