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Worth woman has "God's" phone number

^Jim Carrey is "Bruce Almighty" ^Jim Carrey is "Bruce Almighty"
^Sandra Shealy ^Sandra Shealy

May 29, 2003

Worth County -- It was bound to happen. A Worth County woman who shares "God's" movie phone number is now screening his calls.

 In the hit movie Bruce Almighty , God pages Jim Carrey and the number he enters is 776-2323. But that's a real telephone number and people around the country are now getting calls to God. One of them is Sandra Shealy.

The phone is ringing at Sandra and Arch Shealy's home. And callers are asking for God. "God. I told you God doesn't live here. He's here , but he doesn't live here, so why don't you have a wonderful day." Sandra's phone number is 776-2323. The same telephone number in Jim Carrey's new movie "Bruce Almighty."

 In the movie God gets in touch with Carrey by leaving that phone number in his pager. The movie came out Friday. And Monday, the strange calls and messages started at Sandra's. "And ask me if God's there? First of all what are you talking about? Until that first man called from Fort Lauderdale and asked me about God. And I said I can be God if you want me to."

The Shealy's phone number is for their home business Asphalt Sealcoating. So they don't want to change it. Right now Sandra is having fun talking to the callers. Sandra said "So I Star-69'd him too after he hung up. I got his phone number and called him back, and said is God there. He laughed. I said 'No this is the lady you were just talking to.'"

Universal Studios, that put out the movie, instead of using the fake 555 prefix, picked a common phone number that does not exist in Buffalo, New York, where the movie was made. But a database search turned up more than 30 listings nationwide, including Sandra's.

Sandra admits the publicity has sold at least one movie ticket. "I'm gonna see it. I have to see it. Cause I want to hear that number for myself."

The Shealy's are putting up with God's phone number, but admit soon it could get annoying as the devil.

Sandra says she thinks Bruce Almighty's  popularity will die soon, and she hopes the calls will stop.

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