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Military mom returns to family

May 29, 2003

Lowndes County - Things seem to be back to normal in the Haines home, now that Mom Donna is back from a six month deployment to the Middle East. "I almost cried as we were approaching the landing," said Donna. "I was so glad to be back."

She missed several important occasions. "It was hard not being here for Christmas, Thanksgiving, all of their birthdays," said Donna. But Dad Jordan kept things together while she was away. "I had to learn to cook, clean, and do all the things she would usually do," said Jordan.

Donna says she's impressed at how well her husband handled things. "He's never had to be a single parent, and its hard," said Donna. "I even tried some his cooking last night, and it was pretty good."

Even though the time apart was hard, the family says it's been a learning experience. "I learned a lot about my kids, how to better take care of them, and we grew a lot closer," said Jordan.

The family plans on taking a long vacation soon, and catching up on the time apart.

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