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Gulf shrimping season brings uncertainty

By Jay Gray, NBC News

Venice, LA - NBC -  As many lower their nets for the first time since the oil spill, there is at least a sense they are back where they belong.

Early signs are the catch won't be as plentiful as in years past.

An even bigger concern is that despite extensive testing and a guarantee from officials that the shrimp are clean, fears over contamination from the oil will drive away consumers and ultimately drive down prices.

Shrimping captains are also worried about what may be lurking beneath the water. They say the oil is still out there somewhere, and they won't feel comfortable until they know where.

There are lingering questions at the spill site as well. Scientists and engineers continue testing on the floor of the gulf, trying to figure out the best way to deal with pressure expected during the bottom kill.

The Obama administration has announced it will require environmental reviews for all future deepwater drilling projects, a shift that will make the process more difficult and time consuming for oil companies once a federal moratorium is lifted on drilling.

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