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Healthy shopping can be more expensive

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –Shopping for healthy foods,watching your waistline and counting pennies can be difficult. Especially when you have so many product options in the store.

Health officials say, buying cheaper foods will make higher medical bills in the long run. With so many options at the grocery store, how do you know what's healthy?

"I read the nutritional facts, calorie content, sugar content and fat content," said mom Melissa Barber.

Melissa Barber is a mother and wife, who is having a hard time finding affordable and healthy food. "Especially when you have two or three kids. I have two kids and a sister that stay's at my house. It's hard to be aware," said Barber. 

At a recent doctor's visit, she learned her baby sister had weight issues."He said to eat healthy and exercise," said 3rd grader Madison Demham. 

Melissa is now paying more attention to what's in her shopping cart. "I think it's important because, kids now are obese and overweight. We need to pay attention to what's in our foods," said Barber. 

But with a tough economy, can you shop healthy and save money? "Even buying less amounts of healthier foods would be better than buying more of a cheaper food," said Dietician Jodi Zelman. 

Health experts suggest looking for products that have 100 % whole wheat or 100 % whole grain on the label. "If you choose meats that say Loin or Round. They're going to be lower in fat," said Zelman. 

Spending more money now can save you money later. "But in the long run it's going to be better for us. If we make healthier choices now," said Zelman. 

So it's true what you do today, will effect you tomorrow. Other healthy ways to save is by drinking water from the tap, instead of buying bottled water and growing your own produce.

In a recent study,  making better food choices has been linked to living longer, healthier lives. Another way to save is not shopping on an empty stomach. We are more prone to buy impulsively when we are hungry. Making a list will help you focus on what exactly you need.

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