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Support your favorite school sports

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – You know how tight school budgets are these days.

That means extra-curricular programs, including athletics, may have a tougher time getting everything they need.

That's where Booster Clubs come in.

They provide financial and volunteer support and get parents involved with their kids.

Dougherty High School athletic Director Donald Poole is passionate about football and all school sports.

"We welcome all the support we can get," said Donald Poole, Dougherty High Athletic Dir.

The booster club at Dougherty High is responsible fundraising for all sports.

"Chicken dinner sale, car wash, fruit sale, or whatever it might be," Johnny Seabrooks, Dougherty County Athletic Dir.

Johnny Seabrooks is the county's athletic director.

"The athletic director of each high school will determine what their needs are once they do the budget," said Seabrooks.

"We would like to see that grow but we'll work with the people that show up to work with us, we don't need members who try to dictate what the coaches do," said Poole.

Coaches say the easiest way to support your favorite school's sports programs is to but tickets and show up to their games.

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