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Consignment sales more popular than ever

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Everyone's looking to save money these days, and consignment shops are reaping the benefits.

One of the biggest consignment sales in South Georgia is less than two weeks away. From the crib to college, if you've got a child, you can benefit from either selling or buying clothes on the cheap.

A few years ago, Renee Jewell bought a consignment sale that is held just twice a year. At that time, up to 100 people shopped the event. Now, hundreds of people show up for the twice a year sale and wait in line, sometimes for hours, to get the best deals possible.

Then and Now Consignment has been in business for 21 years in Albany, but this year may be the best yet. "I've noticed a big difference in the past six to eight months," said Allyson Hart, Owner.

Each day, Hart puts out between a thousand and 1,500 recently received items on the sales floor. Dozens of people shop here daily, some come back every day. "We have people that come in six days a week, just because they're scared they are going to miss something," she said.

And it's not just those without the means to pay retail prices looking for a bargain, everyone is looking for a good deal these days. "It's just a smart way to shop, especially if you have a larger family. You can get double at a consignment shop for what you're going to pay at a retail shop." said  Hart.

Renee Jewell and Dee Kelley hold a consignment sale twice a year. It's such a success, people line up hours in advance to shop. "With the economy, people are like, how can we get what we need for less money, get the same stuff for less money and that's the wonderful thing. This is not a garage sale. It's quality stuff that's just been used and they don't need it anymore," said Jewell.

And because the prices are so low, people leave with much more than they could afford elsewhere. "When you come, you walk away with so much more than you expected for so much less than you expected to pay. They leave with piles of items," said Dee Kelley.

Paid for without having to shell out piles of money.

To give you an idea of just how popular consignment sales are these days, Then and Now has 16,000 people that regularly sell items to the store.

The biggest hits are often children's clothing, but there's a new trend emerging: menswear. Men are creating their own accounts with consignment shops, so they can reap the benefits of selling their items.

The consignment sale will take place August 25th through 28th. You can find out much more, like how to sell your items at the sale, by following THIS LINK.


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