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More families face homelessness than ever before

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –The face of homelessness has changed as the economy has faltered. Many families around the nation and across South Georgia will have no where to sleep tonight.

Transitions house does not just provide housing for the homeless. It provides resources like job and life skills. They also help people pursue educational opportunities.

The face of homelessness has changed dramatically ."Homeless has many faces, and I was surprised to find myself in that situation. I'm not the homeless person on the corner with the sign,"  said mom Teandra Rickerson.

Her situation involved a bad relationship. She ended up pregnant and no where to go. "I know sometimes you make wrong choices in life and everybody makes mistakes and I've learned from mine," said Rickerson. 

After searching for help, she found it through Transitions House. Which helps families become more self sufficient. "They can be successful, self sufficient. They can move from Transitions House to home ownership," said Program Director Sonya Carlisle. 

Brittney McCrae is one of the success stories. "I'm working, in school and have kids, but I have a place of my own because of this program," said mom Brittney Mccrae. 

She says you don't have to be a bad person to end up in a bad situation."You can still be a good person, everybody doesn't know your circumstance. But at the end of the night you may not have anywhere to go," said Mccrae. 

"I have a child, I'm a mom  a good mom. And homeless is not what everybody thinks it is," said Rickerson. Most families just run into hard times and need help picking up the pieces.

"I'm picking it back up, I'm in school now. I'm working and doing pretty good for myself," said Rickerson. "Everybody's having hard times and just to have help is a blessing. Help is out there you've just got to find it," said McCrae. 

This program has taught them even at their lowest point,  it's still okay to dream. "I'm a business major and my dream is to be a lawyer, but if not an office manager," said Rickerson. 

Facing reality and looking into a brighter future. Transitional House partners with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, receiving a community Block Grant through the city of Albany to fight homelessness one family at a time.

Also they're always accepting donations like furniture, clothes or just anything that would help. Another service they offer is emergency housing. It's a 90 day program for anyone who's lost their job with nowhere to go.

Applications are accepted at 1400 South Jefferson. Monday through Friday 10am-2pm and 2pm-4pm. 

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