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Thomas Co. prepares for heavy rains


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) –Emergency managers in our area are getting ready for heavy rain and possible flooding that potential tropical storm could bring.

They hope they'll be able to prevent flooding problems.

One Thomas County family isn't so sure. They worry their home will flood again.

The skies were clear in Thomasville Wednesday, but that could all change soon.

"The good thing about a tropical storm or hurricane is you have several days to plan and prepare," says Chief Chris Jones of the Thomas County Fire and Rescue division. "We routinely work with public works and public safety agencies within the city and county to give them the latest updates and information that we receive from the National Weather Service in Tallahassee."

Officials say crews are preparing for the storm by clearing runoff drains throughout the county.

"When you allow those drains to clog where water can't move through them, that's when you have catastrophic failure and the pipe comes out and takes out a section of the road," Jones explains.

But Christal Ruffin says officials need to do more. A few months ago, a flood forced her family out of their home. Now, she fears the coming storm will force them out again.

"It's heartbreaking, we don't know what to do, whether to pack up everything and try to take what we can, but we have jobs."

The Ruffins first thought their sunken driveway was the cause of all the flooding. So they had it completely redone. Then a couple weeks ago, another storm came through, and they quickly realized the driveway wasn't the problem.

"The whole backyard was flooding once again," Ruffin explains. "All they say is they'll come out and look at it but they say nothing about repairs."

Ruffin says she wants the city to sandbag problem areas. But officials say they can't pinpoint exactly where flooding will occur.

"Nine times out of ten, those areas know long before we do what's occurring," says Jones.

But Ruffin disagrees, "We didn't know! They know more than we do. That's just a cover up to me."

Now, the Ruffins can only wait and see how much rain this storm will bring.

The Thomas County Public Works office tells us they have crews and equipment on standby but don't expect widespread flooding.

If you're still worried about possible flooding, you can call their office at 226-4389 to discuss ways to prepare.

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