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Get free information on cancer

May 27, 2003

Cairo - Almost every family has been touched by cancer. Wether you're a caregiver, a friend or someone who has been diagnosed, you may want to know more about cancer. Now, a new care cancer center in south Georgia is open and ready for you to stop by.

Brenda Darsey of Cairo was diagnosed with a deadly disease August of last year. She says, "The day you get the call is a different feeling, it's that dreaded thing people talk about."

Darsey was told she had melanoma, a skin cancer. She explains, "My first thought was I want to be around for a long time." She took healing in her own hands by putting books in her hand. She says, "I wanted myself to really know what was going on in my body. Have knowledge that I myself didn't have. "

Darsey went to the library to learn more about cancer. It helped her understand medical terms. She explains, "It helped me know what type of questions to ask."

The cancer survivor wished she had a local place to research a year ago. The Roddenbery Memorial Library in Cairo now has a Care Center. Project Director, Cathy Rieger, says, "Some of the people who came in were recently diagnosed and some have been teachers wanting to get information for their classes."

The Care Center is a private room with the latest books, videos and pamphlets about cancer. Darsey says, "It is very important in healing to come aside to a quiet place."

There's also private access to the American Cancer Society web site and hotline. Darsey encourages people to stop by because knowledge has helped her overcome the deadly disease. She adds, "I'm doing fine and looking forward to a wonderful year."

An American Cancer Society grant helped buy some supplies. The Care Center is named after former Cairo mayor and physician, Dr. John Braxton Warnell.

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