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Serial killer suspect extradited

^Derrick Todd Lee ^Derrick Todd Lee

May 28, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- A suspected serial killer has waived extradition and is being flown back to Louisiana.

Derrick Todd Lee appeared today in Atlanta before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Richard Hicks. He walked into the courtroom wearing a navy jump suit. He was handcuffed and kept his head down.

Officers from Louisiana were lined up around the courtroom.

Lee spoke quietly as he told the judge he understood the charges and would waive extradition and return to Louisiana.

He is wanted there in the deaths of at least five women. Police Chief Richard Pennington says Atlanta police officers took Derrick Todd Lee into custody about 8:30 last night. Officers, acting on a tip from the FBI, found Lee, unarmed, wandering around a tire shop in northwest Atlanta. They approached him and asked for identification, which Lee produced without incident.

Lee is the suspect in the deaths of at least five southern Louisiana women since September 2001. He is suspected in a sixth death more than a decade ago and the disappearance of another woman in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, suburb. It was those two cases that led police to Lee.

Atlanta police narrowly missed Lee on two occasions-- first at a homeless shelter and then at a southwest Atlanta motel. Residents at the Lakewood Motor Lodge said Lee had spent at least the last week there, charming residents, grilling ribs and chicken at a party, and setting up a Bible study.

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