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Wells flowing freely in South Georgia

May 27, 2003

Dougherty County -- This time last year many South Georgians were without water, because their wells were dry. The water levels dipped so low, well companies were high demand.

 This spring well diggers say their schedules are less stressful, as the water levels in South Georgia return to normal. Wells in South Georgia are flowing with no problems this spring. It's a much different picture than last summer.

One year ago, many people's wells stopped pumping. The 5 year record drought dropped the water levels below the normal 140 to 180 foot well depth.

 Ryan Thompson of Harvey's Drilling said "We would have numerous calls during the day saying they were out of water. Farmers calling saying their irrigation wells were down. It was one thing after another, busy, busy , busy."

 This year Ryan Thompson says his well company has not received any calls from people whose wells are dry. "Our water levels are up. Water is in good supply. But that's apt to change at any time. But right now we seem to be in pretty good shape."

Thompson said he still stays busy. This year spring thunderstorms that have brought so much rain, are giving him a different job load. "These past storms we've had, lightning has been a contributing factor to a lot of our work. Lightning running in and knocking the motors out."

Thompson said if summer rains fall off, the water levels could drop quickly. So he recommends people keeps their wells serviced, and still practice water conservation.

Most of the farm wells in South Georgia tap into the Upper Floridian water acquifer, also with depths of around 200 feet

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