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Ben Hill Co. Sheriff starts "Operation Rumor"

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By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) –A drug dealer messed with the wrong person. There have been rumors floating around Ben Hill County, that the Sheriff was tossed in jail.

There's no truth to it, but it spurred the Sheriff to crack down on drug dealers he said spread the rumor and show citizens he's still hard at work protecting them.

Sheriff Bobby McLemore has always taken a strong and public stance against drugs in Ben Hill County, but when he found out a drug dealer started what he calls a vicious rumor against him he decided to retaliate by taking every drug dealer he can find off the streets.

Sheriff Bobby Mclemore has always been tough on drug dealers, but he just got a little tougher. "It doesn't matter if they are selling one pill or five kilos, we are coming after them," said McLemore.

And its all thanks to a vicious rumor he thinks was started by a local dealer. "While I was gone to a Sheriff's Conference one of the local drug dealers started a rumor that I had been locked up by the feds," said McLemore.

So he's taken action. "We are gonna show the drug dealers in Ben Hill County we mean business so after the rumor I said,you know that's a good name Operation Rumor," he said.

He's doubled the size of the drug investigation unit and he plans on adding a k-9.

But why so much action due to just a little rumor? The Sheriff says it wont be tolerated in his county. "I decided if they are going to start a rumor about the sheriff and the sheriff is going to show them the Sheriff is in Ben Hill County he is active and he is fighting drugs with everything he's got," he said.

And he says so far, operation rumor is working. "In the last week we have locked up seven drug dealers in Ben Hill county," he said.

After all he says its his duty to protect and serve the citizens of Ben Hill County. "It's our responsibility to keep our county safe and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure it stays that way," he said.

So if you plan on starting another rumor about Sheriff McLemore he says you may want to think twice before you end up in a pink jumpsuit.

The sheriff says drugs lead to many other crimes and 90 percent of the people sitting in jail either are there because they use drugs or they stole to get money for drugs.

The Sheriff says he is also cracking down on DUI cases and the sheriff's office plans to hold several road blocks to help keep the roadways as safe as possible.

Sheriff McLemore says he knew a couple of days after he heard the rumor who started it. That person was taken to jail on drug charges.

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