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Hot days have some benefits

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – The stifling heat wave continues. Electric bills are out of control, plants are withering and at times you may feel like you're about to wither away. But there are benefits to this hot weather, at least for some.

Most of us groan every time we step outside these days, the heat is oppressive, but for some, the heat is actually boosting business. Days like this, the last place most of us want to be is outside, but that's just where A/C technicians are spending most of their time these days.

Jim Bacon said, "It's certainly been a busy summer for all air condition companies."

There are weeks when technicians at SafeAire work upwards of 70 hours when they are on call, and in heat like this, customers definitely call. "We do well when we have extreme heat and we do well when we have extreme cold," said General Manager Jim Bacon. "That's generally when systems are really taxed to their max and that's when you start seeing component failures and things of that nature and fortunately for us, that's the business we're in."

In addition to cooling off at home, some people are finding other places to cool down. "As soon as they walk through that door, they will say, 'oh, it feels good in here' and they stay a while," said Mary Neal.

Neal has worked for the Dougherty County Library system for more than three decades. She says it's one of the hottest summers she remembers and they have the visitors prove it.

Neal said, "It's very hot and it's nice to know we have a cool place where people can come in and get cool and be comfortable."

And sometimes people are opting for a cool treat to be able to get through this blistering heat. "We've got a nice cool place for you to come in and sit down and enjoy some nice ice cream, but I don't know any better time of the year to have ice cream than in the summer when it's hot," said MaggieMoo's owner Lew Culpepper.  He says ice cream is good anytime of the year. "But when it's hot, it tastes a little bit better."

Some sweet relief from the heat, taking a bite out of the bitter burn of summer. Lew Culpepper says he has some pretty dedicated customers, even in the dead of winter, people visit his store for an ice cream treat, but summer is always his best time of the year.

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