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Leesburg's Posey is the talk of the majors

By Robert Hydrick - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -   The San Francisco Giants rookie catcher makes his first trip to Atlanta's Turner Field this weekend to face the Braves.

This series is the first chance many of Buster's friends and former coaches have had to see him play since he was drafted by the Giants two years ago.

If Leesburg seems like a ghost town this weekend, it is because most of the town and county will likely be here at Turner Field to see Buster Posey in action for the first time as a member of the San Francisco Giants.

 Ted Deiter and Billy Abell have had the chance to watch Buster Posey go from T-ball to the big leagues. But win or lose, everyone is just glad to see Buster who has been living on the west coast for much of the last two years.

After watching San Francisco Giants games on the computer this summer, both can't wait to get to Turner Field to see him play in person.

"But to see a kid you used to coach put on a professional uniform and the Giants were actually my team when I was younger with Mays, Cepeda, McCovey and Jimmy Ray Hart. And to have Buster Posey's name amongst those as some of the rookie records he has tied or attempting to break. It is just a wonderful feeling," said Ted Deiter Dixie Youth Baseball Coach.

Abell "During the week you would jump to get the box scores and see what Mickey (Mantle) did. That is the way it is with Buster. Every night I am looking Sportscenter or Baseball Tonight to see what is on the bottom screen to see what he has done that particular night," said Dixie Youth Baseball Coach Billy Abel.

Most everyone in Lee County has been doing everything they can to make their way to Atlanta to watch some or all of the four game series between the Braves and Giants.

One of the biggest crowds may be on Friday when a chartered bus from the Leesburg United Church will bring more than 60 fans to the game.

Lee County High School baseball coach Rob Williams, his staff and many of Buster's teammates are also going to take in a game or two.

"It is something I have never been able to do before. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. As soon as he was called up, I immediately pulled up the Giants schedule and see when they would be in Atlanta. I have had tickets for quite some time," said Williams.

Buster's homecoming is even more special after he was named the National League Player of the Month and Rookie of the Month.

His former coaches say his fast start in the big leagues is due to talent but also his love and knowledge of the game.

"I had a talk with Buster about baseball when he was young and when I got home and told my wife where I had been and she said did you learn anything,"  said Deiter.

The Braves and Giants will play a four game series this weekend at Turner Field. Friday's game will start at seven-thirty. Saturday's game has been moved to seven o'clock after it was dropped from national television broadcast. The final game of the series is at one-thirty Sunday afternoon.


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