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Life after college

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – In these rough economic times finding a job can be difficult. Especially for new college graduates. But here in Albany we have about 100 new professionals who just entered the workforce.

And although they loved school they're really enjoying the now found independence. Life begins with stages of education for most people: elementary, middle, high school, and then college.

"My favorite part was student life and social life, I was in a sorority," said Marketing Coordinator Kristie McDuffie. 

"I've been in school my whole life, so this is a new and different area," said Dr. Andrew Curtis.

That new area is referred to in college as the real world. "I heard I wasn't ready for it, and it would be quite an adjustment, being self sufficient," said Mcduffie. 

"Everything I've done up to this point has been following what my teachers wanted and now I'm in charge," said Dr. Curtis. 

Kristen McDuffie is a marketing coordinator for Lemonade Marketing and really enjoys her new job. "I research potential clients and I create creative briefs for clients," said Mcduffie.

And Dr. Andrew Curtis is a veterinarian who's getting used to calling his own shots. "The responsibility part of it. Just how I don't have any body necessary to check on me, and everything's on me," said Curtis.

But they both feel like college prepared them for being in the work force. "It has been an adjustment, and I'm really enjoying it, and getting a lot of experience," said McDuffie.

"I feel very comfortable doing what I'm doing, but I still have lots to learn," said Curtis.

 So life after college is? "Life after college is exciting," said Dr. Curtis. And education doesn't stop with a four year degree. Life after college continues to be a learning experience.  

In the United States, about 55% of college students graduated with bachelor's degrees in 2008. And If your 're interested in going to college for the first time, or going back, we have three colleges right here in Albany: Albany Technical College, Darton, and Albany State University.

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