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Jury convicts gang members

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Three Albany gang members are in jail awaiting sentencing after being convicted in a shootout that wounded an innocent man last summer.

The gangsters opened fire outside the Carver Community Center Pool with dozens of kids nearby.The jury convicted one member of the Crips gang and two Southside Bloods of aggravated assault and street gang terrorism.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies transported Dabkowski Luke, Tchwaskie Jones and Jerry Harris to jail after they were found guilty of street gang terrorism and aggravated assault.

"We'll be doing all we can to combat gang activity," said District Attorney, Greg Edwards.

After a four-week long trial and four hours of deliberations, the jury convicted all three defendants on all charges. It's good news for Carver Community Center Director Linda Harris.

"I hope once they go to jail, they'll be able to find some peace within themselves so the Father can forgive them for the mistakes they've made and the crimes they've committed," Harris said.

Prosecutors say someone hit Luke's child during an argument. It escalated into a shootout between the Bloods and the Crips.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot outside the Carver Community Center Pool right next to a playground when a bullet struck Donald Winchester in the back as he was walking down the street. He survived. Neighbors and community members say they can rest easier at night knowing three gang members are off the streets. 

"If you get involved with a gang and say let's just do it, we don't care, we will make sure you care what happens because we will do all we can to bring you to justice," Edwards added. 

"I feel for the children and parents caught up in it and words can't even describe it," Linda Harris said.

People are glad police and prosecutors are cracking down on gangs who put innocent lives in danger. Bloods member Dabkowski Luke turned 25 Wednesday- the same day he was served a guilty verdict.

The gangsters haven't been sentenced yet. They'll find out in a few weeks how long they'll spend in prison.

Prosecutors tell us they plan to ask for maximum sentences to send a strong message to other gang members.

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