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Scheer case ends in mistrial

^Pete Donaldson ^Pete Donaldson
^D. A. Ken Hodges ^D. A. Ken Hodges
^Bill Scheer ^Bill Scheer

May 23, 2003

Macon-- Jurors rushed from the Bibb County Courthouse moments after the mistrial was declared by Dougherty Superior Court Judge Stephen Goss.

For two weeks, eight women and four men listened to evidence and then debated the fate of Bill Scheer. But in the end, they couldn’t come to a unanimous verdict.

One juror cited inconsistencies with some of the evidence. The final vote after 20 hours of deliberation was 8 to 4 in favor of acquittal.

“Because of the jury’s inability to reach a unanimous verdict after very lengthy and painstaking deliberations, the court is going to declare a mistrial,” announced Judge Goss.

“There’s always been reasonable doubt, Bill Scheer did not kill his father, and I’ve never believed that he did,” said defense attorney Pete Donaldson.

After the trial, one juror sought out Scheer and talked with him. “It was very very nice,” said Bill Scheer. “It was very helpful, and said that there was no way that I would ever be convicted,” said Scheer.

But Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges may keep trying. “I’m inclined to retry it, now,” he said. “I’ve spoken with at least two jurors now, and I plan on returning to Macon to speak to as many of them as will talk to me.”

If there is a retrial, the defense will be ready. “We got some pointer from some jurors that will help us out, telling us where they thought we ought to shore our case up, and we’ll certainly follow up on that,” said Donaldson.

Bill Scheer sees it as a second chance to achieve his goal. “I wanted my name cleared. I didn’t kill my father. I loved my father.”

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