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What to do before firing up your grill

May 23, 2003

Albany- Memorial Day kicks off the summer grilling season for most families. Many people are planning cookouts over the holiday, and that may mean uncovering grills for the first time since last summer.

Retailers have a few tips before you fire up your grill for the first time. "It's a good idea to go back and make sure that no animals have built a nest inside there where the burner's located, especially around the venturies. The venturies a lot of times spiders and bugs will build a little small nest in there which won't allow the gas to flow properly to the burner. You also want to make sure your burner has not deteriorated and separated, and you can do that by inspecting it," says Mark Holloway of Modern Gas.

Retailers also say before you begin to grill, you should refresh yourself by reading the instruction manual. Each brand of grill has different troubleshooting and igniting instructions.

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