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Travelers prepare for Memorial weekend

May 23, 2003

Albany- The traffic count began about 5 minutes ago, and of those 35 million travelers this holiday weekend, more than 29 million are expected to travel by car. Increased traffic means an increase in accidents.

Each holiday weekend, the state patrol predicts the number of traffic-related deaths, and this weekend is no different. They expect 21 fatalities and 2,500 accidents over the 78-hour period. State troopers advise motorists to take their time and be cautious while on the roads.

"Most accidents occur when people are in a hurry, and also if you're driving a long way have another driver with you if possible. That will eliminate the risk of you falling asleep. Staying alert is the most important thing. When you get tired you tend to loose focus," says trooper Kenneth Jones.

The state patrol also predicts almost 700 injuries over the holiday, but trooper Jones says that number can be reduced if people buckle up and drive safely.

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