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Heavy rains damage peaches

May 23, 2003

Morven - Peach season is in full swing. "We're about half-way through this year's harvesting season," said Irvin Lawson, Peach Farmer.

Lawson says this year's crop is better than the last, but still isn't what he'd hoped for. "My early peaches did good, but some of the later varieties don't look like they're going to make it," said Lawson.

The perfect peach has a bright red tint and is about the size of a small apple. But it takes a certain amount of rain and cold weather to make a good crop. "They need chill hours, which we got plenty of," said Lawson. "Luckily, we dodged the hard freeze and any hail."

Like most crops, peaches need the rain. But March's consistent downpour nearly destroyed many of Lawson's trees. "When it came it just didn't stop," said Lawson. "It messed up the pollination and a lot of my trees almost drowned and got what we call 'wet feet.'"

With about two months left in peach season, Lawson hopes the late bloomers will make up for his loss.

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