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Hundreds of alligators caught on tape in feeding frenzy

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CLINCH COUNTY, GA (WALB) –It's an amazing and rare site, but a south Georgia fisherman captured video of hundreds of alligators in a feeding frenzy.

Ray Cason of Homerville came back from his fishing trip with a lot more than a string of fish.

Gators don't typically get along very well and often keep their distance from each other.

Cason's video of hundreds of gators thrashing around together is getting worldwide attention.

This is hundreds of alligators caught on tape in a feeding frenzy in the canal between Stephen C. Foster State Park in Fargo and Billy's Lake. Ray Cason was going out to fish and took the video from his boat.

"I just got the shock of my life," said Cason. "I put the boat in and realized there was a couple hundred gators in the boat basin and I eased through them and got out into the canal and there was a hundred more."

That's when he started shooting this video.

"I ain't ever seen this many gators,"said Cason in the video.

Most of us haven't either. In his research he's found the last documented cooperative feeding among alligators was in the late 1800s.

"I think it probably happens more than we know but you just don't see it because the swamp is so big," said Cason. "There's very few places you can navigate a boat down."

Cason who lives in Homerville loves to capture the natural beauty of the Okeefenokee Swamp. Not only did he catch his limit of fish that weekend, he also caught the rare video that's being seen all over the world.

 "I got what went after and a little more," said Cason.

The editor of the Clinch County News says he was startled when he saw the video.

"Anybody that knows anything about gators knows they don't like one another and for them to be congregating like that working together to feed was truly amazing," said Len Robbins, the Clinch County News Editor.

Cason says some of the gators where as much as 13 feet long. Along with the fish, the big ones would eat the small gators. Cason says says he would've never thought this video would have taken off like it has.

Cason also saw a feeding frenzy the next day but says there weren't as many gators that time.

He says each frenzy lasted about 30 minutes.

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