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Sheriff pleads not guilty

May 21, 2003

Albany - Baker County Sheriff Isacc Anderson pleads not guilty to federal charges. His attorney, Phil Cannon, says, "There is no evidence of Isacc Anderson receiving any type of money or payments to lie for Tommy Williams, Junior." The Sheriff is accused of hindering an investigation and lying to federal agents.

Baker County Sheriff Isacc Anderson claims he doesn't know Tommy L. Williams, Junior of Albany. Williams is the man Anderson is accused of helping get out of a domestic abuse charges by making a false police report.

On Wednesday, Anderson was arraigned in Federal Court in Albany. Anderson and four of Williams' relatives pleaded not guilty to various conspiracy and perjury charges. The defendants, including Anderson, were never arrested but signed 5-thousand dollar unsecured bonds.

Cannon says the challenge will be convincing the jury Anderson made a correct police report or that the William's family is to blame. He explains, "Or the Williams family conspired to set up Mr. Sheriff Anderson and provided a look alike of Tommy Williams, Junior. Sheriff Anderson didn't know what he was getting into."

Anderson is still in office and doesn't plan on resigning. Governor Perdue's office will form a three person committee to decide whether to suspend Anderson. They have until June 2nd to make a written statement.

Tommy Willliams, Junior is in jail in Florida where his ex-wife lives. He'll be arraigned in Albany on June 11th.

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