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DSL vs. Cable Modem

May 21, 2003

Albany - Are you tired of waiting for your Internet to dial-up or download important files? You're not alone. The hunt for the quickest and most reliable Internet service is leading more and more customers to drop dial-up service. Most find themselves choosing between cable modems and digital subscriber link - or DSL. But, which is best?

"It's fast, and I don't have any complaints," said Rachelle Bitterman. Bitterman uses DSL through Bell South. "It's doesn't block up my telephone line.What use to take me 30 minutes to download now takes just minutes."

DSL works on your current telephone line, but on a different band width. You don't have to get a separate phone line.

"I do all my work here at home so time is money. Cable modem is the way to go," said Ralph Harper. Harper uses a cable modem through Mediacom - a direct competitor to DSL. He download files in minutes compared to hours with the dial-up service. Like DSL, cable modems don't tie up your phone line.

So how do DSL and cable modems compare? Both Bell South and Mediacom advertise download speeds of up to 1.5 megabits.

What about the cost? Cable modems cost $45.95 a month if you're already a Mediacom customer and use their cable modem.

DSL is $49.95 a month if you don't have the Bell South Complete Choice Package. If you do, it's $45.95.

They cost about the same if you're already a Bell South or Mediacom customer. At the end of the Internet race, we found DSL and cable modem were about neck and neck.

Bell South DSL and Mediacom Cable Modems are not available everywhere. Check with your providers for service in your area.