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Teachers work without pay

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –This year teachers in Dougherty County are being forced to take ten furlough days. But not getting paid won't slow them down.

Teachers at Albany High School came in on days they weren't being paid to make sure their class is ready for the first day of school. One school official told me teachers were calling two or three weeks before school starts to get their class ready.

However they weren't able to do that because of much needed repairs to the 50 year old building. Furlough days won't stop the teachers at Albany high school. 

"In order to adequately prepare for kids to come you have to look at the big picture. And it's the teacher's responsibility," said Science Teacher Nancy Gay."If the physical environment is not ready I think it makes it a lot more difficult to do the rest," said Science Teacher Elizabeth Arnold. 

And preparing the classroom is something they're expected to do."You could say that it's my job and I get paid for it and I'm a workaholic or you could say that you do what you love," said Gay.

"Whatever it takes for me to get that done then I'm gonna do that," said Arnold."It's true that the mother sets the attitude at home. And teachers set atmosphere and attitude in the class," said Gay.

 And setting the right atmosphere isn't easy now that teachers are dealing with furlough days and other budget issues."There are so many negative things that are said. When in reality we don't even notice the negative because we're so busy seeing the good," said Gay.

"For every negative that your hear about the teaching profession there are 10 or more positives," said Arnold.

And the teachers hope putting in extra hours mean better students, classes, and schools. And If the teachers give up, the students have no hope. So donating their time without pay is more like an investment in everybody's future.

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