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Jury deliberates Scheer verdict for second day

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May 21, 2003

Macon-- Eight hours into deliberations, jurors asked to watch the police crime scene video again.

"That's fine," said Judge Steven Goss. "You can take notes, but there won't be any narration, and you won't be able to ask any questions, but we'll replay that for you."

For 20 minutes, jurors looked at video of Bill Scheer's house on Pheasant Drive in Albany, inside and out. Scheer looked away as the camera shows his dead father.

When the ended, it was back to deliberations.

"Obviously, they're taking their time and going through all the evidence, and their is a lot of evidence, and that's the one piece of evidence they couldn't look at back there," said D. A. Ken Hodges.

"Something in the video is of interest. Obviously, it's not something that was shown in the still photographs, so we could speculate about what that is. I've got some ideas, and I think other may have other ideas, but I just don't really know why they wanted to see it," said defense attorney Pete Donaldson.

Jurors are not sequestered during the trial, and will resume deliberations Thursday morning.

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