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Rash of car break-ins in Thomas County

May 21, 2003

Thomasville-- A rash of car break-ins have cops in Thomasville on guard.

Since May first, there have been 40 such thefts inside the city limits--there were two more last night. In the county, 20 cars have been broken into. Everything from car stereos to the cars themselves have been stolen.

Police say each theft seems to be alike. Thomasville Police Department Public Information Officer Mark Price says, "They're all similar. Usually they will start in a particular neighborhood and go driveway to driveway, checking cars. Mainly whatever happens to be in the car is what they are after."

There is no particular area of town the thieves appear to be concentrating in. Police recommend people keep their cars parked inside garages, locked and with the garage door shut. If you don't have a garage, make sure your vehicle is locked and do not leave any valuables inside. No arrests have been made in any of the break-ins.

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